Why is WaPo so full of fail?

1024 days ago

First there was this: Washington Post Twitter account suggests you buy paper instead of reading Twitter

Now this afternoon one eagle-eyed guy spotted this tweet where someone managed to screw up copy-pasting the exact headline of a Campus Overload article.

I know Twitter is fast and exciting, but double-checking before posting (or thinking, in the first case) would seem a requirement for someone employed as a journalist and to run the Twitter account.

I wish this was it, but then there is Trove, which I’ve previously noted as awful, and has fallen immediately off the radar.

Then there’s the time they passed on an article about their own journalist being an illegal immigrant.

Oh and of course there is their front page redesign, which is way better than it used to be but still has so much room for improvement. Not that they are the only news organization with an ugly front page.

Further back, there’s that time they tried the video podcasting thing. It put them so off the concept that I don’t think they’ve tried any editorial video since. In fact, I don’t think they do any of their own videos.

I’m not even going to go into how terrible their ‘live chats’ are.

I’d really like to see WaPo to succeed, but come on folks… this stuff is just embarrassing. It feels like they are flailing around trying to find something that works. Be less afraid to experiment and more focused in those experiments. You have to get it together.

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